Ladies with Options

Ladies with Options

Written by: Cynthia Hartwick

Additional Formats
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425178232
  • 352 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Minnesota, 1983

The Mostly Methodist Club met Saturday morning year-round, but was at its best in autumn and winter, when it helped steel the ladies for the Sundays their men spent watching TV sports with eyes glazed like so many holiday hams…

The mostly-married, mostly-middle-aged members of the Mostly Methodist Club (Deborah Cohen made it “Mostly”) were used to swapping recipes, not stock tips. They’d taken few risks in their lives, and had even fewer adventures.

But when a pink-haired young rebel named Skye found her way into the group, things changed. The ladies had already begun looking into investment opportunities, after realizing that their retirement earnings would barely keep them in Burpee seeds and baking powder. But it was Skye who tipped them off to a struggling new company that might be worth sinking a few dollars into. A company that was developing some interesting new technology. A company run by a man named Bill Gates…


“A can’t-put-it-down, stay-up-all-night, page-turner.” —Barbara Bretton, author of At Last

“Delightful and entertaining…a story to invest in.”—Lynne Hinton, author of Friendship Cake

“Hartwick’s novel chronicle of a Minnesota ladies’ investment group is neither Standard nor Poor…loaded with great one-liners…Fabulous!”—Pamela Morsi, author of Here Comes the Bride

“I laughed, loved, and triumphed with the Larksdale Ladies. Cynthia Hartwick is definitely an author to watch!”—Barbara Bretton, author of At Last

“Lively, insightful and entertaining…her blend of humor and perspective on Middle America pays big dividends, both fun and bittersweet.”—Pamela Morsi, author of Here Comes the Bride

“Touching and laugh-out-loud funny.”—Jennifer Chiaverini, author of The Quilter’s Apprentice

“An engaging story of female bonding and finance…You’ll cheer them on as they risk their wad to save their town.”—Sandra Dallas, author of The Persian Pickle Club

“Who knew that making money could be so fun? Welcome to the Larksdale Ladies Independence Club where you’re sure to learn as much about friendship as about finances. Delightful and entertaining.”—Lynne Hinton, author of Friendship Cake