Latin for All Occasions

Latin for All Occasions

From Cocktail-Party Banter to Climbing the Corporate Ladder to Online Dating– Everything You’ll Ever Need to Say in Perfect Latin

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781592400805
  • 176 Pages
  • Avery
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With more than 200,000 copies in print, Latin for All Occasions and its follow-up, Latin for Even More Occasions, have helped scores of readers harness the language of Caesar and Cicero. Impress your boss with Occupational Latin (Lingua Latina Occupationi); sell your product with Sales Latin (Lingua Latina Mercatoria); flirt with your classics professor with Sensual Latin (Lingua Latina Libidinosa); look like the hipster you are with Pop-Cultural Latin (Lingua Latina Popularis); survive the holidays with Familial Latin (Lingua Latina Domestica) and Celebrational Latin (Lingua Latina Festiva). It’s all here, whether you’re a student of the language or just want to talk like one.

From cocktail-party banter to climbing the corporate ladder to online dating, Latin for All Occasions features dozens of handy sections, including Las Vegas Latin, Latin for Golfers, Latin for Breakups, Latin for the Politically Correct, and much, much more. In one easy-to-use volume, National Lampoon founder Henry Beard presents hundreds of listings rendered in grammatically accurate classical Latin, with a foolproof pronunciation guide.

Who says Latin is a dead language? From the comic genius who brought us X-Treme Latin comes Latin for All Occasions, guaranteed to help readers delight their friends, insult their enemies, and elevate the public discourse.

Table of Contents

Latin for All OccasionsI. Conversational Latin
II. Informational Latin
III. Occupational Latin
IV. Recreational Latin
V. Practical Latin
VI. Tactical Latin
VII. Cultural Latin
VIII. Social Latin
IX. Sensual Latin
X. Gastronomical Latin
XI. Familial Latin
XII. Formal Latin
XIII. Casual Latin
XIV. Personal Latin
XV. Convivial Latin
XVI. International Latin
XVII. Essential Latin
XVIII. Pop-Cultural Latin
XIX. Celebrational Latin
XX. A Brief Guide to Latin Pronunciation