McNally's Alibi

McNally’s Alibi

Mass Market Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425191194
  • 304 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


When Decimus Fortesque, the millionaire collector of wives and rare manuscripts, hires Archy McNally to locate the Holy Grail of missing tomes—the complete text of Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers—Palm Beach’s premier P.I. uncovers nothing but scandal.

Luscious Claudia Lester claims to have had the manuscript but declares that her lover, Matthew Harrigan, ran off with it; a lover scorned, Harrigan says Claudia is lying. And Rodney Whitehead, a shady antiques dealer, maintains that neither Claudia nor Harrigan is to be believed. When the supposed owner of the manuscript is found dead in a sleazy motel, the investigating officer, Georgia O’Hara, suspects Archy knows more than he’s willing to admit about the murder, the manuscript, and its ardent pursuers composed of ne’er-do-wells and flimflam artists.
McNally's Alibi

McNally’s Alibi

Vincent Lardo


“McNally is a raffish combination of Dashiell Hammett’s Nick Charles and P.G. Wodehouse’s Bertie Wooster.” -New York Times Book Review

“Vincent Lardo continues [the] McNally sleuth series in superb style.”-Tennessean


Archy McNally
Vincent Lardo
Vincent Lardo
Lawrence Sanders
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