Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

Timeless Strategies from the First Lady of Courage

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Eleanor Roosevelt’s remarkable ability to confront and overcome hurdles-be they political, personal, or social-made her one of the greatest leaders of the last century, if not all time. In Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way, author and scholar Robin Gerber examines the values, tactics, and beliefs that enabled Eleanor Roosevelt to bring about tremendous change-in herself and in the world. Examining the former first lady’s rise from a difficult childhood to her enormously productive and politically involved years in the White House, as a U.N. delegate and an honorary ambassador, an author, and beyond, Gerber offers women an inspiring road map to heroic living and an unparalleled model for personal achievement.
Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

Written by: Robin Gerber


“Drawing on Eleanor Roosevelt’s inspiring life and words, Robin Gerber has given us a powerful primer for leaders in any field and of any political stripe.” (Congressman Richard Gephardt, House Democratic Leader)

“[Gerber] tells Eleanor’s story with descriptive flair and gives readers wise advice about finding their leadership passion and following it.” (Billie Jean King)

“Like Mohandas Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt seems a miracle of character and charisma, a born leader whom no one could hope to emulate. Robin Gerber penetrates this aura . . . and exposes the nuts and bolts of an eminently practical leadership style-one from which we can all learn and learn much.” (Alan Axelrod, author of Patton on Leadership and Elizabeth I, CEO)

“Eleanor Roosevelt changed the world with her leadership. Robin Gerber tells us how she did it, weaving the first lady’s life story and words into empowering leadership advice for today . . . [A] great read and a terrific leadership guide.” (Lt. General Claudia Kennedy)

Table of Contents

Foreword (James MacGregor Burns)



Time Line


Chapter One: Learn from Your Past
Chapter Two: Find Mentors and Advisers
Chapter Three: Mothering: Training for Leadership
Chapter Four: Learning the Hard Way
Chapter Five: Find Your Leadership Passion
Chapter Six: Your Leadership Your Way
Chapter Seven: Give Voice to Your Leadership
Chapter Eight: Face Criticism with Courage
Chapter Nine: Keep Your Focus
Chapter Ten: Contacts, Networks, and Conditions
Chapter Eleven: Embrace Risk
Chapter Twelve: Never Stop Learning


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