Lie Down with Lions

Lie Down with Lions

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Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780451163509
  • 384 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


Ellis, the American. Jean-Pierre, the Frenchman. They were two men on opposite sides of the cold war, with a woman torn between them. Together, they formed a triangle of passion and deception, racing from terrorist bombs in Paris to the violence and intrigue of Afghanistan—to the moment of truth and deadly decision for all of them…




“A deadly romantic triangle, a clandestine mission with global stakes, an exotic location, a plot as gripping and ingenious as Eye of the Needle…engineered to perfection with breathless acceleration…I couldn’t put it down.”—Los Angeles Times


“Vintage Follett…This is his most ambitious novel and it succeeds admirably…tense, vivid, exciting…balances physical action with internal drama…satisfies on deep levels.”—USA Today


“May be Ken Follett’s finest yet…The suspense mounts as swiftly as Afghan villagers running to escape Russian guns—and the pages will turn just as fast.”—Cosmopolitan


“An exciting and complex tale.”—Philadelphia Inquirer


“Masterful…plot and counterplot, treachery, cunning and killing…keep you on edge every moment.”—Associated Press


“Combines modern warfare, international espionage, and a love story while also, in typical Follett fashion, playing out the fate of his characters amid thrilling escapes and shattering revelations.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch


“A gripping thriller and love story…Follett builds the tension until it is as taut as a cable across the Khyber Pass…There is an incredible sex scene and desperate trek across ice-covered mountains…an exotic setting, a strong, courageous heroine, a strong, courageous hero, good guys, bad guys and a supporting cast of thousands…A roaring good read.”—Atlanta Journal-Constitution


“Solid suspense fiction…romance, adventure, exotic settings with a healthy dash of intrigue…when it comes to reliable entertainment, few authors deliver as consistently as Follett.”—Pittsburgh Press


“Follett’s great strength is his female characters—they are smart, strong, independent, and when they love a man, by golly, he knows the game is up.”—People


“Harrowing escapes…larger-than-life characters performing larger-than-life deeds…it shouldn’t work but it does.”—Booklist


“Beautiful in conception and execution…full of adventure and love blended as only a master such as Follett can do…a most provocative tale.”—Ocala Star Banner


“Ken Follett scores again…an enthralling web of suspense…a well-crafted love story…unrelieved page-to-page tension…a wonderfully clean and simple writing style…holds constant interest.”—The Anniston Star


“Exciting…romance, adventure, intrigue…Ken Follett can hold his own with the best.”—Indianapolis News


Lions roars…highly entertaining, quickly paced…skillfully crafted…and a nicely detailed quartet of characters that make the novel click.”—Los Angeles Herald Examiner


“Deftly-built tension…the thrills of a chase…well-developed characters and atmosphere…keep the action going and have the credibility of a true tale.”—The Orlando Sentinel