Life on the Color Line

Life on the Color Line

The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black

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  • ISBN 9781440673337
  • 304 Pages
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A stunning journey to the heart of the racial dilemma in this country.
Life on the Color Line

Life on the Color Line

Gregory Howard Williams


Friends of American Writers Book Award – winner
Los Angeles Times Book Prize – winner
Melcher Book Award – winner

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Open House Cafe
Chapter 2 The Midas Touch
Chapter 3 “Captain of My Soul”
Chapter 4 Rooster
Chapter 5 Learning How to Be Niggers
Chapter 6 Bob and Weave
Chapter 7 “Saved”
Chapter 8 Hustling
Chapter 9 Politics and Race
Chapter 10 The Color Line
Chapter 11 Accept the Things I Cannot Change
Chapter 12 Choices
Chapter 13 Go for It!
Chapter 14 Big Shoulders
Chapter 15 Persistence
Chapter 16 Teammates
Chapter 17 “Born in the Wilderness and Suckled by a Boar”
Chapter 18 State of Indiana v. Gregory H. Williams
Chapter 19 Mike: Like a Moth to Flames
Chapter 20 Tottering Kingdoms and Crumbling Empires
Chapter 21 Your Truly Mother

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