Life, Paint and Passion

Life, Paint and Passion

Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression

Written by:
Written by: Stewart Cubley

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780874778106
  • 224 Pages
  • TarcherPerigee
  • Adult


Life, Paint And Passion is a deeply involving approach to using the creative process as a tool for self-discovery. With vibrant and contagious enthusiasm, the authors liberate the reader’s urge to create freely and spontaneously, as a painter or an artist in another medium, purely for the process of exploration, not for result.

With eloquence and simplicity, the authors encourage the reader to journey inward toward his or her authentic self and discover the unique intuition awaiting there. It is this intuition that provides all the tools the reader needs to crumble the barrier between the innermost self and its uncensored manifestation.

Through lively interviews with students, the authors explore painting as a practice that facilitates the ecstasy of unfettered expression. With simple brushes, a few dishes of paint, and this book, the reader will be able to coax the hidden self out of the heart and onto a paper.

Life, Paint And Passion is the result of nearly thirty years of intensive work with the painting process. It provides powerful insights into the act of creation, a solid base for facing and transcending creative blocks, and brings fresh perceptions and healing to life.

Table of Contents

the right image
if it’s already painted in your head, why paint it?
be careful, they might teach you something!
the wisdom of the child
chaos, the soil of creation
the “I want”
just play
pick only ripe apples
awaken your image maker!
exploring the unknown
what is ugly?
the mind is a thief
do not kill the void
abstract forms or concrete images?
don’t trample the flowers
creative destruction
feeling and painting
interpretation vs. insight
the body knows
if you do not listen to your intuition, it will stop talking to you!
on second thought…
dark shadows
on finishing
welcome to the earth
a little life left
to create is to be a little lost
the brick wall: creative blocks
a horse is a horse is a horse
to care and not to care
break the rules!
follow your brush, but don’t follow your brush
tricks and crutches
repetition, compulsion, and indulgence
feeling vs. emotion
monsters unleashed!
is it therapy?
erotic images
painting god
going toward the light
levels of completion
a good comment is a bad comment
the process is the teacher
dark or light?
you are not your painting!
creativity and the spirit
art process as spiritual practice
if painting were just about painting…

appendix: brushes, paints, and paper