Lifesaving Lessons

Lifesaving Lessons

Notes from an Accidental Mother

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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780670025176
  • 272  Pages
  • Viking Books
  • Adult


Famed swordfish boat captain Linda Greenlaw faces her greatest battle with nature—a newly adopted teenage daughter

Linda Greenlaw isn’t a woman who shies away from a challenge—a nationally renowned swordfish boat captain made famous in the film The Perfect Storm, Greenlaw is also a bestselling author and a television celebrity. Through hard work and determination, she had created a life of peaceful independence, living on a rugged island off the coast of Maine.

Then came Mariah.

A troubled fifteen-year-old, Mariah arrives on the island to stay with her uncle, an island newcomer and seemingly normal guy. The entire community is rocked when it is revealed that Mariah has suffered terrible abuse at his hands, and the island comes together to rescue the teenager from further harm. Alone and at risk, Mariah needs a guardian and the island residents nominate Linda, who is not exactly the picture of maternal warmth.

A remarkably candid and tenderly funny memoir, Lifesaving Lessons follows this unexpected mother-daughter pair as they navigate their new life together, learning to trust themselves and each other and forge the loving family that neither of them knew they needed.


Praise for Linda Greenlaw and Seaworthy

"Book readers should rejoice…Greenlaw’s writing sweeps the reader along not only for the incidents at sea but also for her candid reflections about them."
– The Huffington Post

"Greenlaw is a remarkable woman who can hold her own, whether it’s in the male-dominated fishing industry or on the printed page."

Praise for All Fisherman Are Liars:

“You can’t help but be a bit in awe of Greenlaw for her gutsiness, and she comes across as so darn likable you wish you were sitting at the Dry Dock next to her.”
– The Miami Herald

"Even if you never really wanted to go to sea for months at a time on a fishing boat…you’ll be caught from the very first sentence of this engrossing and illuminating book."
– San Francisco Book Review

“A beautiful book…A story of triumph, of a woman not only making it but succeeding at the highest level in one of the most male-dominated and most dangerous professions.”
– Douglas Whynott, The New York Times Book Review

"Greenlaw knows how to spin a good yarn…Seaworthy is a more reflective book, pondering not just the vageries of nature but the nature of success and self-defintion."

Praise for The Hungry Ocean:

“Anyone who loves the sea will love this book.”

– Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm

"Pure joy."
– The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville)

"From mishaps to fish tales, Greenlaw keeps her narrative suspenseful."
– Publishers Weekly

"Fast-paced and lively."
– The Portland Press Herald

"Greenlaw speaks with unquestionable authority when fashioning the salty atmosphere of swordfishing life. A vanishing slice of life caught with ardor and freshness."
– Kirkus

"A great read."

– The Boston Examiner

Praise for The Lobster Chronicles:

“These true, interwoven stories of island life and lobstering are as engaging and uncommon as [Greenlaw’s] adventures at sea.”
– Boston Magazine