Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Paparazzi

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Paparazzi

Episode Two

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101566978
  • 224 Pages
  • Puffin Books
  • 8-12 years


Cassidy Barnett is not your average twelve- (almost thirteen!-) year -old. While most other girls her age are worries about school and clothes and boys, Cass has spent most of her life traveling the world with her travel TV-show-host parents. She gets to visit fabulous places and loves connecting with people via her popular blog.

But when the producers of the show decide that they want to feature Cass on camera, all of that starts to change. Now she’s got to think about what she says, how she looks, and what the world is saying about her. Because like it or not, it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, CASSIDY! 

In this second episode, Cassidy has a fabulous opportunity to be in an upcoming travelogue about the Greek Isles. For the show, she will be living on board a swank yacht and being hosted by the wealthy actor Costas Kouropolous and his adorable son, Nikos. But Cass soon starts to suspect that things aren’t really as they seem aboard the Pandora. At the same time, she wonders what’s going on with Logan – he hasn’t been around for their nightly e-chats. Can she find out the truth about the Pandora? And can she get her relationship with Logan back on track – before it’s too late?
Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Paparazzi

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Paparazzi

Written by: Linda Gerber


"Readers should enjoy the behind-the-scenes glimpse of reality TV, but it’s lively and relatable Cassidy . . . who steals the show." (review of Lights, Camera, Cassidy Episode 1: Celebrity)  — Publishers Weekly