Lion of the Sun

Lion of the Sun

Warrior of Rome: Book 3

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781590208724
  • 400 Pages
  • Overlook Books
  • Adult


Mesopotamia, AD 260. Betrayed by his most trusted adviser, the Roman Emperor Valerian has been captured by the Sassanid barbarians. The shame of the vanquished beats down mercilessly, as the frail old emperor prostrates himself before Shapur, King of Kings. Ballista looks on helplessly, but vows under his breath to avenge those who have brought the empire to the brink of destruction with their treachery. But first, he must decide what price he will pay for his own freedom. Only the fearless and only those whom the gods will spare from hell can now save the empire from a catastrophic ending. Ballista, the Warrior of Rome, faces his greatest challenge yet.


"A starring Roman epic with explosive action and knuckle-whitening drama." — The Guardian

"Harry Sidebottom’s epic tale starts with a chilling assassination and goes on, and up, from there." — Mary Beard, author of The Roman Triumph

"A book to keep you up well past your bedtime." — Evening Standard