Live-away Dads

Live-away Dads

Staying a Part of Your Children’s Lives When They Aren’t a Part of Your Home

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140272802
  • 272 Pages
  • Penguin Books
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Written by a veteran social worker, therapist, and men’s counselor who has spent many years as a live-away dad himself, Live-Away Dads is a practical and encouraging guide for fathers who want to make the best of their relationships with their children after a divorce or breakup.

From his personal and professional experience, especially his years as a custody advisor to the Illinois courts, William C. Klatte is highly attuned to the special struggle of non-custodial fathers. He shows how emotions?especially anger, depression, and feelings of powerlessness?often control men’s behavior with former partners and others, and he guides fathers in acknowledging and expressing anger more effectively. With guidance on dealing with the courts, working out visitation, communicating with the children’s mother, creating a child-friendly home, and much more, Klatte helps live-away dads through the toughest challenges of single parenting. Practical and inspiring, Live-Away Dads will indelibly change for the better the way we approach parenting after divorce.

Table of Contents


I. Taking Care of Yourself
1. Common Reactions to Breaking Up
2. Handling Anger
3. Am I Depressed?

II. Getting Along with Your Children’s Mother and Others
4. Succeeding with Your Children’s Mother and Her New Partner
5. Money
6. Is My Children’s Mother Harming Our Kids?
7. Communicating with Your New Partner and Others

III. Navigating the Court System
8. Parents Versus Courts
9. Insider’s Report: What I Looked for as a Family Court Social Worker
10. How to Succeed in Parenting-Time (Visitation) Mediation

IV. Fathering Your Children
11. Living Apart But Growing Together: Communicating with Your Kids
12. Creating a Kid-Friendly Home

V. Building a Network of Support
13. Support and Counseling Options Explained
14. Build Your Own Support Group

Some Parting Words for Dads