Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life

Ten Strategies for Getting From Where You Are to Where You’re Meant to Be

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Being happy doesn’t have to be hard, says prominent personal coach Laura Berman Fortgang. We each possess an internal compass that expresses our individual wisdom and points to the things that would most fulfill us. Personal and professional satisfaction, Fortgang believes, comes from tapping into this wisdom.

In Living Your Best Life, she offers ten tried-and-true strategies that help us to access our own inner knowledge to achieve what she calls a “best life”-a life that awaits all of us, in which gains come more easily because we’ve learned to honor our true desires and work with our individual talents rather than exhausting our energy on a traditional model of achievement. Her techniques focus on asking ourselves what we really want instead of frenetically trying to “have it all.” We learn to ask questions that move us forward, not backward, to discover our own unique “lucrative purpose,” and to design a “magnet” life plan that draws to us the more rewarding existence we deserve.
Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life

Written by: Laura Berman Fortgang


“Laura Berman Fortgang will help you reach the success and fulfillment you are destined for.”
–Ken Blanchard

“Beware-this thought-provoking book will put you on a one-way path to a more creative and fulfilling life.”
–Kyle MacLachlan

“Fortgang generously offers glorious, refreshing guidance to help us each find our unique path in life.”
–Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort Book

“Fortgang’s Wisdom Access Questions have the makings of brilliance-simple, easy to use, hugely effective, and humblingly obvious.”
–Judy George, founder and CEO, Domain

“Laura helps you organize information… so you can move your life forward in positive ways. I can’t recommend this enough!”
–Julia Sweeney

Praise for WHAT NOW?…

“This is it–a turbocharged, high-energy, stripped-to-the-core distillation of key insights and practices to truly move you forward. After readiong Laura’s loving and potent guidance, you can’t help creating the life you yearn for.”
–Jennifer Louden, author of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women

“If this book delivers just ten percent of the power of Laura’s coaching, it will be worth thousands of times the price.”
–Mark Bryan, co-author of THE ARTIST’S WAY AT WORK

“We all need to plug into an energy source for our lives and once you plug into Laura Berman Fortgang and Now What? you will be electrified and raring to go. Listen to what she has to say and you will move your life to new heights.”
–Iyanla Vanzant

“Thinking of making a big change in how you make a living–or how you live your life? Having trouble getting started? This wise, honest and practical book can help you figure out what may be holding you back, and where to go from here. I’m recommending it to everyone I know. Great stuff!”
–Anne Fisher, FORTUNE

Table of Contents

Introduction: Excavating Your Life Blueprint

Part One: The Reckoning
1. Ask What, Not Why
2. Train the Brain
3. Gain Perspective

Part Two: The Doing
4. Act on What You Feel, Not What You Think
5. Make a Simple Contract
6. Discover Your Lucrative Purpose
7. Make Yourself a Magnet

Part Three: The Being
8. Become a Master at Focusing
9. Ask for Directions Before You Are Lost
10. Give Up Needing to Know

Conclusion: The Reckoning, the Doing, and the Being: Living Your Best Life

Appendix 1: More on Coaching
Appendix 2: Wisdom Access Questions
Appendix 3: Resources
Appendix 4: Forming Your Own Life Blueprint Group