Lord Jim

Lord Jim

A Tale

Introduction by: Allan H. Simmons
Editor: Allan H. Simmons
Editor: J. H. Stape
Notes by: J. H. Stape

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780141441610
  • 400 Pages
  • Penguin Classics
  • Adult


This compact novel, completed in 1900, as with so many of the great novels of the time, is at its baseline a book of the sea. An English boy in a simple town has dreams bigger than the outdoors and embarks at an early age into the sailor’s life. The waters he travels reward him with the ability to explore the human spirit, while Joseph Conrad launches the story into both an exercise of his technical prowess and a delicately crafted picture of a character who reaches the status of a literary hero.
Lord Jim

Lord Jim

Joseph Conrad, Introduction by: Allan H. Simmons, Editor: Allan H. Simmons, Editor: J. H. Stape, Notes by: J. H. Stape

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