Love at First Bark

Love at First Bark

How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101547960
  • 192 Pages
  • Riverhead Books
  • Adult


The bestselling memoirist shows how saving a dog can sometimes help you save yourself.

Julie Klam writes about dogs with a rollicking wit and a radiating warmth-as no other writer can. In her bestselling memoir You Had Me at Woof, she shared the secrets of happiness she learned as an occasionally frazzled but always devoted owner of Boston terriers. Now, with the same enchanting, pop culture-infused amalgam of humor and poignancy that reached the The New York Times and the Today show and won the hearts of readers across the country, she returns with more humorous insight into life with canine companions.

Klam focuses here on dog rescue, and its healing power not only for the dogs who are cared for and able to find good homes, but also for the people who bond with these animals. Klam became involved with rescue after years as an owner of purebred dogs. She was looking for a way to help and participate in a community, but she never imagined just how much she would receive in return. The dogs she has rescued through the years have filled her life with laughter and contentment, sorrow and frustration, and they have made certain that she never has a dull moment. Along the way, she has collected stories from friends who have also found that guiding dogs to nurturing homes made their own lives richer. These experiences, which show us that even in our smallest gestures we can make a big difference, inspired Love at First Bark.


“Julie Klam is like Proust, if he wrote about dogs instead of madeleines, wrote in English instead of French, had better hair—and wrote exceptionally hilarious books that you can’t help reading all at once.”
—Patricia Marx

“[Julie Klam] can break your heart . . . then lift your spirits higher than a kite.”
—The Huffington Post