Love Sick

Love Sick

A Memoir of Searching for Mr. Good Enough

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425247471
  • 272 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Frances Kuffel wasn’t a Victoria’s Secret model, but she wasn’t so bad. Why couldn’t she find her Mr. Right? As Shakespeare said, the course of true love never did run smooth, but for Kuffel, it seemed like one pothole after another…

In this sharp and irreverent memoir, Frances Kuffel recalls her quest to replace her on-again, off-again lover with someone new and preferably less unstable. Fifty-three and never married, Frances opens her mind to all possibilities. She goes out with an Orthodox Jew, is almost the victim of a scammer, stays out all night with a man twenty years her junior, encounters feeding fetishes and shoe fetishes, and generally reads a lot of strange emails.

Brazenly honest and insightful, Kuffel comes through the experience with a new understanding of love and realizes that what she wants is not necessarily a knight in shining armor. She’d be perfectly happy with someone who’ll spend hours buying antique teacups with her, thinks two dogs are not enough, and wants to be in her life through the good and the bad. And once she finally figures out what she’s looking for, the only challenge left is to find it…


Praise for Frances Kuffel:

“Inspiring…brazenly intimate…offers a powerful rebuff to anyone who believes that people can’t change.”—USA Today

“[Kuffel’s] writing is as clear and sharp as broken glass…a glorious read.” —The New York Times

“A talented writer.”—The Boston Globe

“Empathy, candor, and courage are abundant.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Rife with snappy anecdotes and mordant humor…as fascinating in its grotesque insight as in its inspirational uplift.”—The Onion

“[A] riveting memoir…grim humor… A hilarious and insightful book.”—Psychology Today