Low-Fat Top Secret Recipes

Low-Fat Top Secret Recipes

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Todd Wilbur, the irrepressible restaurant recipe knockoff artist, is back. Thanks to Wilbur’s latest Top Secret mission—to re-create some of America’s most popular food products without the fat—readers can now feast guilt-free on their favorite snacks. The easy-to-follow recipes, along with Wilbur’s patented blueprint illustrations, are guaranteed to produce healthier homemade treats that taste identical to the real thing—like Nabisco Reduced-Fat Oreo Cookies or Entenmann’s Light Low-Fat Cinnamon Rolls. Wilbur also tackles some familiar restaurant delights, including Bennigan’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe and Egg McMuffin, and Wendy’s Chicken Caesar Fresh Stuffed Pita—concocting them all at a fraction of the calories and at a fraction of the cost. Once again, the intrepid Todd Wilbur goes where no food writer has gone before—and proves that when it comes to providing recipes for food that diners really want to eat, he is the peoples’ choice.

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Low-Fat Top Secret RecipesGuest Introduction: A Word From Fat Gram Freddy

Low-Fat Top Secret Recipes Clones
Applebee’s&reg Low-Fat Asian Chicken Salad
Applebee’s&reg Low-Fat & Fabulous&trade Brownie Sundae
California Pizza Kitchen&reg Tuscan Hummus
California Pizza Kitchen&reg Dakota Smashed Pea & Barley Soup
California Pizza Kitchen&reg Grilled Eggplant Cheeseless Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen&reg Vegetarian Pizza
Chevysª Fresh Salsa
Entenmann’s Light&reg Low-Fat Cinnamon Raisin Sweet Rolls
Entenmann’s Light&reg Low-Fat Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls
Gardenburger&reg Classic Greek Veggie Patty
Gardenburger&reg Fire-Roasted Vegetable Veggie Patty
Gardenburger&reg Savory Mushroom Veggie Patty
Girl Scout Cookies&reg Reduced-Fat Lemon Pastry Cremes
Healthy Choice&reg Traditional Pasta Sauce
Healthy Choice&reg Chunky Tomato, Mushroom & Garlic Pasta Sauce
Keebler&reg Reduced-Fat Pecan Sandies
Koo Koo Roo&reg Original Skinless Flame-Broiled Chicken
Koo Koo Roo&reg Santa Fe Pasta
Little Debbie&reg Oatmeal Lights&trade
Nabisco&reg Honey Maid&reg Grahams

Nabisco&reg Old Fashion Ginger Snaps
Nabisco&reg Reduced-Fat Oreo&reg Cookies
Nabisco&reg Snack Well’s&reg Apple Raisin Snack Bars
Nabisco&reg Snack Well’s&reg Banana Snack Bars
Planters&reg Fat-Free Fiddle Faddle
Rainforest Cafe&reg Reggae Beat Seasoning&reg
Rainforest Cafe&reg The Plant Sandwich
Rainforest Cafe&reg Rumble in the Jungle Turkey Pita&reg
Seven Seas&reg Free Red Wine Vinegar Fat-Free Dressing
Seven Seas&reg Free Viva Italian Fat-Free Dressing
Tootsie Roll&reg Midgees

Low-Fat Top Secret Recipes Conversions
Reduced-Fat Applebee’s&reg Tequila Lime Chicken
Reduced-Fat Bennigan’s&reg Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Low-Fat California Pizza Kitchen¨ Sedona White Corn Tortilla Soup
Reduced-Fat Carl’s Jr.&reg Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Reduced-Fat Carl’s Jr.&reg Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich&trade
Reduced-Fat Carl’s Jr.&reg Charbroiled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich&trade
Reduced-Fat Carl’s Jr.&reg Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich&trade
Fat-Free Chevys&reg Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Reduced-Fat Chevys&reg Texas BBQ Wrap
Reduced-Fat Chevys&reg Mesquite-Grilled BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
Reduced-Fat Chili’s&reg Boneless Buffalo Wings
Reduced-Fat Chili’s&reg Fajita Salad
Reduced-Fat Chili’s&reg Margarita Grilled Tuna
Reduced-Fat Chili’s&reg Southwestern Eggrolls
Reduced-Fat KFC&reg Macaroni & Cheese
Reduced-Fat KFC&reg Potato Salad
Reduced-Fat McDonalds&reg Arch Deluxe&reg
Low-Fat McDonalds&reg Egg McMuffin&reg
Reduced-Fat Olive Garden&reg Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich
Reduced-Fat Olive Garden&reg Fettucine Alfredo
Reduced-Fat Olive Garden&reg Zuppa Toscana
Reduced-Fat Otis Spunkmeyer&reg Chocolate Chip Muffins
Reduced-Fat Otis Spunkmeyer&reg Wild Blueberry Muffins
Reduced-Fat Outback Steakhouse&reg Walkabout Soup&reg
Reduced-Fat Outback Steakhouse&reg Caesar Salad Dressing
Reduced-Fat Outback Steakhouse&reg Alice Springs Chicken&reg
Reduced-Fat Panda Express&reg Orange-Flavored Chicken
Reduced-Fat Rainforest Cafe&reg Tropical Chicken Quartet&reg
Low-Fat Screaming Yellow Zonkers&reg
Reduced-Fat Sonic Drive-In&reg No. 1 Burger
Reduced-Fat Sonic Drive-In&reg Hickory Burger
Reduced-Fat Sonic Drive-In&reg Jalapeno Burger
Low-Fat Taco Bell&reg Chicken Soft Taco
Reduced-Fat T.G.I. Friday’s&reg BBQ Chicken Wings
Reduced-Fat T.G.I. Friday’s&reg Dijon Chicken Pasta
Reduced-Fat T.G.I. Friday’s&reg Potato Skins
Reduced-Fat Wendy’s&reg Chicken Caesar Fresh Stuffed Pita&reg
Low-Fat Wendy’s&reg Classic Greek Fresh Stuffed Pita&reg
Reduced-Fat Wendy’s&reg Junior Bacon Cheeseburger
Reduced-Fat Wendy’s&reg Spicy Chicken Fillet Sandwich