Making the Number

Making the Number

How to Use Sales Benchmarking to Drive Performance

Written by: Greg Alexander
Written by: Aaron Bartels
Written by: Mike Drapeau

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101216477
  • 288 Pages
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  • Adult


The essential tool kit to achieve breakthrough sales performance improvements.

Numbers don’t lie: 40 percent of all salespeople miss their targets each year. How can sales managers ensure their teams are doing everything possible? The key lies in benchmarking, which is not new for finance or manufacturing but rarely gets applied to sales. Making the Number will teach executives to embrace data-driven decision making and rely less on gut instinct.

Comparing a sales force to those of relevant peers leads to many opportunities to improve performance. The authors take readers through their five-step methodology for sales benchmarking, showing how to select metrics; gather, compute, and compare internal and external data; and then actually use the data.

Making the Number includes case studies of sales benchmarking in action. For example, find out how Discover Financial Services plays David to the Goliaths of MasterCard and Visa.

Whether you’re a sales rep, a manager, or a CEO, this book will show you a better way to make your number.
Making the Number

Making the Number

Written by: Greg Alexander, Written by: Aaron Bartels, Written by: Mike Drapeau