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  • Mass Market Paperback
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  • 352 Pages
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Not content with investing his fortune and watching it grow, multibillionaire Howard Christian buys rare cars that he actually drives, acquires collectible toys that he actually plays with, and builds buildings that defy the imagination. But now his restless mind has turned to a new obsession: cloning a mammoth…

In a barren province of Canada, a mammoth hunter financed by Christian has made the discovery of a lifetime: an intact frozen woolly mammoth. But what he finds during the painstaking process of excavating the huge creature baffles the mind. Huddled next to the mammoth is the mummified body of a Stone Age man around 12,000 years old. And he is wearing a wristwatch.

It looks like Howard Christian is going to get his wish—and more…


“John Varley is the best writer in America.”—Tom Clancy

“[A] rollicking, bittersweet tale of time travel and ecology…Varley’s sparkling wit pulls one surprise after another out of this unconventional blend of science and social commentary.”—Publishers Weekly

“Terrific…H. G. Wells meets Jurassic Park.”—The Best Reviews

“[An] imaginative and engaging . . . writer . . . Varley is in top form.”San Francisco Chronicle