Management Rewired

Management Rewired

Why Feedback Doesn’t Work and Other Surprising Lessons fromthe Latest Brain Science

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How brain science is transforming the way we manage

Why is it so hard for managers to get the results they want? According to the latest brain science, it’s because most of what they do produces the opposite of what they expect. Appeals to reason fall short, for our decisions are made emotionally, and logic is at best an after-the-fact justification for what we’ve already determined to do.

That’s just one of the many amazing discoveries that explain why management is so challenging. but as Charles Jacobs explains, once we understand the lessons of neuroscience, we’re able to create more powerful strategies, inspire people to maximize their potential, and overcome the biggest hurdle to improving business performance-making change stick.
Management Rewired

Management Rewired

Charles S. Jacobs

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