Mark Mcewan Rustic Italian

Mark Mcewan Rustic Italian

Great Italian Recipes Made Easy For Home

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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780670065158
  • 312 Pages
  • Viking
  • Adult


When celebrity chef Mark McEwan takes a much needed holiday from running his restaurant empire, he likes more than anything to head for Italy. His love affair with ingredient-driven Italian cuisine dates back to his earliest days in the business, when his pastas and risottos were a big part of what put him on the culinary map. When McEwan was drawing up plans for a new, fourth restaurant, Italian food was a clear choice. This book is composed entirely of recipes from that restaurant, Fabbrica. From dishes perfectly suited to the summer table, like grilled swordfish with fennel and orange, to the robust fall flavours of kale, sausage, and bean soup, to everyday dishes like the famous Fabbrica pizzas, and even a definitive take on the American Italian classic chicken parmigiana, there are dishes here for every occasion. The theme is authenticity. The flavours are large and seductive. All of the recipes are easily manageable for the home cook, and, following in the format of McEwan’s highly-acclaimed first book, Great Food at Home, all are highly flexible. The only essential ingredient is passion—both for cooking, and for enjoying its results.
Mark Mcewan Rustic Italian

Mark Mcewan Rustic Italian

Written by: Mark McEwan