An Inside Look at How the Criminal Justice System Works…and Sometimes Doesn’t

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The American legal system changed dramatically when the O. J. Simpson trial became a television-ratings bonanza. Now it’s all crime, all the time, from tabloid news to police procedurals. Americans now know more about the criminal justice system than ever before. Or do they?

In Mistrial, Mark Geragos and Pat Harris argue precisely the opposite: In pursuit of sensationalism, the public sees only a small, distorted sample of what really happens in our courtrooms. Geragos and Harris debunk the myth of impartial American justice—from stealth jurors who secretly swing for a conviction to cops who regularly lie on the witness stand. Ultimately, the authors question whether a justice system model drawn up two centuries ago is still viable today.

Geragos and Harris are legal experts and prominent criminal defense attorneys who have worked on everything from celebrity media circuses to equally compelling cases defending individuals desperate to avoid the spotlight. Mistrial gives a behind-the-scenes peek that reveals their most fascinating cases, enthralling legal eagles and armchair litigators alike—as it blows the lid off what really happens in a courtroom.


“[Mark Geragos] is one of those rare lawyers recognizable everywhere.”
Los Angeles Times
“[Geragos] is arguably the hottest defense lawyer of the moment.”
Los Angeles Daily Journal
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