Murder Unmentionable

Murder Unmentionable

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101589564
  • 304 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Sweet Nothings has it all: silk ribbon, Venetian lace, the best bra fitter in town…

and two unsolved murders.

Emma Taylor thought she knew what to expect when she abandoned life as a big-city fashionista to help her aunt, Arabella, breathe new style into Sweet Nothings, her waning lingerie boutique. As Emma settles back in to Paris, Tennessee—a world where pie is served with a parable and a pitcher of sweet tea is the cure for most of life’s ills—her escape seems smooth as silk.

But when the town acquires a touch of unneeded je ne sais quoi with the arrival of Emma’s philandering ex, an unseemly murder turns her world inside out. As the police’s top suspect, Emma is going to need more than fishnets to snare the real killer. And when she and Arabella refuse to let death threats wrapped in knifed nighties stall Sweet Nothings’ vintage lingerie fashion show, it becomes increasingly clear that any garter may hide a gun and that bullet bras might have to live up to their name…

Murder Unmentionable

Murder Unmentionable

Written by: Meg London


“Sweet iced tea, a cast of charming Tennessee characters, and a vintage lingerie store help this debut go down easier than a mint julep in July.”—Lila Dare, author of the Southern Beauty Shop mysteries

“Filled with Southern charm, this is a flirty mystery you’re sure to find alluring!”—Riley Adams, author of the Southern BBQ Mysteries