Myths, Illusions, and Peace

Myths, Illusions, and Peace

Finding a New Direction for America in the Middle East

Written by: Dennis Ross
Written by: David Makovsky

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  • ISBN 9780143117698
  • 400 Pages
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“A trenchant and often pugnacious demolition of the numerous misconceptions about strategic thinking on the Middle East”
-The New York Times

Now updated with a new chapter on the current climate, Myths, Illusions, and Peace addresses why the United States has consistently failed to achieve its strategic goals in the Middle East. According to Dennis Ross-special advisor to President Obama and senior director at the National Security Council for that region-and policy analyst David Makovsky, it is because we have repeatedly fallen prey to dangerous myths about this part of the world-myths with roots that reach back decades yet persist today. Clearly articulated and accessible, Myths, Illusions, and Peace captures the real­ity of the problems in the Middle East like no book has before. It presents a concise and far-reaching set of principles that will help America set an effective course of action in the region, and in so doing secure a safer future for all Americans.
Myths, Illusions, and Peace

Myths, Illusions, and Peace

Written by: Dennis Ross, Written by: David Makovsky