Myths of Greece and Rome

Myths of Greece and Rome

Written by: Bryan Holme
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Edited by: Bryan Holme

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  • ISBN 9780140056433
  • 320 Pages
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Orpheus leading his beloved Eurydice back to life … Ulysses battling to resist the mesmerising Sirens’ song … The tragedy of the vengeful Medea … The timeless stories of the gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome are charged with passion and romance, magic and murder. Each one is brought to life beautifully in this lavishly illustrated edition of Thomas Bulfinch’s ‘The Age of Fable’ compiled by Bryan Holme. The narrative is clear and captivating, while the illustrations demonstrate the profound effect the myths had on the great artists of the West, via paintings and sculptures by masters from Botticelli to Picasso.

Table of Contents

Myths of Greece and RomeIntroduction by Joseph Campbell

I. Stories of Gods and Heroes
II. Prometheus and Pandora
III. Apollo and Daphne-Pyraamus and Thisbe-Cephalus and Procris
IV. Juno and Her Rivals, Io and Calisto – Diana and Actaeon – Latona and Rustics
V. Phaöton
VI. Midas-Baucis and Philemon
VII. Proserpine-Glaucus ans Scylla
VIII. Pygmalion-Dryope-Venus and Adonis-Apollo and Hyacinthus
IX. Ceÿx and Halcyone: Or, the Halcyon Birds
X. Vertumnus and Pomona-Iphis and Anaxarete
XI. Cupid and Psyche
XII. Cadmus – The Myrmidons
XIII. Nisus and Scylla – Echo and Narcissuss – Clytie – Hero and Leander and Arachne
XIV. Minerva – Niobe
XV. The Graeae and Gorgons – Perseus and Medusa – Atlas – Andromeda
XVI. Monsters: Giants – Sphinx – Pegasus and Chimaera – Centaurs – Griffin – Pygmies
XVII. The Golden Fleece – Medea
XVIII. Meleager and Atalanta
XIX. Hercules – Hebe and Ganymede
XX. Theseus and Daedalus – Castor ans Pollux – Festivals and Games
XXI. Bacchus and Ariadne
XXII. The Rural Deities – The Dryads and Erisichthon – Rhoecus – The Water Deities – Camenae – Winds
XXIII. Achelous and Hercules – Admetus and Alcestis – Antigone – Penelope
XXIV. Orpheus and Eurydice – Aristaeus – Amphion – Linus – Thamyris – Marsyus – Melampus – Musaeus
XXV. Arion – Ibycus – Simonides – Sappho
XXVI. Endymion – Orion – Aurora and Tithonus – Acis and Galatea
XXVII. The Trojan War
XXVIII. The Fall of Troy – Return of the Greeks- Orestes and Electra
XXIX. Adventures of Ulysses – The Lotus-Eaters – The Cyclopes – Circe – Sirens – Scylla and Carybdis – Calypso
XXX. The Paeacians – Fate of the Suitors
XXXI. Adventures of Aeneas – The Harpies – Dido – Palinurus
XXXII. The Infernal Regions – The Sibyl
XXXIII. Aeneas in Italy – Camilla-Evander – Nisus and Euryalus – Mezentius – Turnus

A Chart: The Descent of the Gods