Lords of the Darkyn

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  • ISBN 9781101607756
  • 336 Pages
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  • Adult


New York Times bestselling author Lynn Viehl’s enthralling new series continues as a valiant warrior sets out on a dangerous quest for immortality…and endless love…

Jamys Durand has survived being made an immortal Darkyn, horrific torture, and years of grueling warrior training. But he has no future to offer Chris, the mortal woman he loves, without his own territory. When he learns of a lost Templar treasure, Jamys vows to possess it and win his lady’s heart.

No one knows Chris Lang wants to be a tresora so she can live with Jamys, her secret love. Her superiors offer to make her dream come true, but only if she finds the lost treasure before Jamys can. Working together, Chris and Jamys track the jewels through a shadowy maze of priceless artifacts, decadent secrets, and one ruthless opponent who can possess an immortal’s mind…and will stop at nothing to have Chris.


Written by: Lynn Viehl


Praise for the Lords of the Darkyn novels:

“Strikes through the heart with stunning strength, creating an addictive, complex world.”–New York Times bestselling author Marjorie Lu

 “A clever, rip-roaring adventure from start to finish….Loved it, loved it.”–#1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Briggs


Lords of the Darkyn


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Santa,

I should be reluctant to believe in an immortal who skulks about at night bestowing gifts on those who please him. Since I am exactly that sort of creature, however, I am persuaded that you exist and are amenable to receiving some gift suggestions from me.

For Christian Lang, my loyal mortal friend, the rank of tresora. I think the three years young Chris has been working tirelessly to earn it are enough; she’s tired and unhappy, which makes me want to kill something. Save a life and give the girl her due.

For Jamys Durand, son of the formerly mad and still somewhat twitchy Thierry Durand, the chance to spend the holidays at my stronghold. It’s been seven hundred years since he was made immortal; it’s time the boy left the nest.

For Herbert Burke, my ever-congested but always faithful tresora, a lady friend who does not make use of perfume or anything else that might aggravate Herbert’s allergies which, I assure you, are legion.

For my beloved sygkenis Samantha, a month of blissful cohabitation with me on any remote deserted island with absolutely no mobile phone service whatsoever. Actually that would be my Christmas wish. For my cop you can leave a book of poetry, a national crime statistics report, or any semi-automatic firearm you happen to have at the workshop.

Since they are all deserving of the paltry requests I have made, I trust you will see to granting these wishes by December 4th. Do add a copy of Nightbred by Lynn Viehl in their stockings as well. I know you prefer to wait until the 24th to make your deliveries, but I am not a patient man, I can shatter anything with a single touch, and I do know where you live.