No Room for Doubt

No Room for Doubt

Written by: Angela Dove

Additional Formats
  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101014585
  • 384 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


A daughter’s account of how one moment of violence shattered lives, made heroes, and continues to affect change in the world.

On March 25, 1988, Debi Whitlock was brutally murdered in her Modesto, California, home. Debi’s murder devastated her family-and sent her loved ones careening on radically different paths. Debi’s mother, Jacque, wanted answers. Over the next nine years, Jacque courageously fought what others called a losing battle-and learned how to deal with the authorities, the media, and the public so that her daughter’s killer would not go unpunished.

Debi’s husband, Harold, was tossed down another path. Police investigators focused their suspicions on him, eventually uncovering motives and opportunity-but never enough to make a case. Judged harshly in the court of public opinion, the once funny, intelligent, and fiercely loyal man fell into a spiral of guilt, anger, and alcoholism.

Told by Harold’s adult daughter-the last person to see Debi alive-this is the story of a terrible murder and investigation that led to the ultimate end of one man’s life, and a renewed sense of purpose and hope in one woman’s life.


No Room for Doubt is a compelling account of a ‘real- life’ hom i – cide and its aftermath. Angela Dove writes about her stepmother’s brutal murder in March 1988, meticulously recreating the course of the investigation and its chilling effect on those whose lives were tainted by this crime.”
-Sue Grafton, bestselling author of ‘T’ Is for Trespass

“This book will bring light to its readers, showing them the reality of what one person can do when they take away the joy and life of another . . . This book clarifi es that the ramifi cations of murder run deeply.”
-Susan Levy, mother of murder victim Chandra Levy and founder of Wings of Protection

No Room for Doubt is an accurate and fascinating account of the painstaking search to catch a sexual killer who terrorized a community. Meticulously researched and highly readable, Angela Dove writes from inside the investigation with skill and compassion. She captures the intricacies and details of the forensic and behavioral evidence in a way that makes you feel like you were there . . . one of the most gripping true crime books I’ve read in years . . . the resolution will stun you.”
-Mark E. Safarik M.S., V.S.M. (FBI Ret.) Executive Director, Forensic Behavioral Ser vices International

“A compelling true story of a loving mother’s determination to seek her daughter Debi’s murderer. While law enforcement struggles to solve the mystery, Jacque MacDonald is inspirational as she courageously uncovers the horrifying truth. Jacque MacDonald is a true inspiration to victims of crime. Her perseverance to seek justice when law enforcement had nearly given up is a true testimony of a mother’s love and devotion.”
-Debra Puglisi Sharp, author of Shattered: Reclaiming a Life Torn Apart by Violence

“With Angela Dove’s steady hand, every page is a gripping read and every word is factual. No Room for Doubt is a remarkable, almost cinematic, achievement.”
-Dawna Kaufmann, true crime investigative journalist and co- author of A Question of Murder

“This is a must- read for every victim of crime who feels helpless or hopeless. Jacque MacDonald is a role model and hero; she proves that one determined victim, who never gives up, can overcome enormous obstacles and bring a murderer to justice. Angela Dove has crafted an exciting, real- life book that should be read by every victim of violent crime and shared with their family, friends, and associates. Bravo, Jacque! Bravo, Angela!”
-Genelle Reilly, mother of murder victim Robin Reilly and board member of Security on Campus and Justice for Homicide Victims