Nora Roberts In The Garden Box Set

Nora Roberts In The Garden Box Set

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  • ISBN 9780515142365
  • Penguin Publishing Group
  • Adult


Against the backdrop of a house steeped in history and a thriving new gardening business, three women unearth the memories of the past and uncover a dangerous secret.This Garden Trilogy boxed set includes: Blue Dahlia, Black Rose, and Red Lily

Black Rose
First in the Garden trilogy. Stella has a passion for planning that keeps her from taking too many risks. But when she opens her heart to a new love, she discovers that she will fight to the death to protect what’s hers.

Blue Dahlia
Book two in the Garden trilogy. Roz—a woman of independent means—thinks love is all in the past. But she’s about to be taken by surprise.

Red Lily
The final book in the Garden trilogy. Hayley Phillips came to Memphis hoping for a new start, for herself and her unborn child. She wasn’t looking for a handout from her distant cousin Roz, just a job at her thriving In the Garden nursery. What she found was a home surrounded by beauty and the best friends she’s ever had. But danger still follows Haley.


“Roberts has had great success with her romance trilogies, and this is another jewel in her crown.” – Oakland Press