Old and Cold

Old and Cold

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781468301878
  • Overlook Books
  • Adult


The new noir tour de force by the riveting Jim Nisbet. What’s a guy to do, when he lives under a bridge and has an unshakeable thirst for martinis? kill for cash. so goes the logic at the heart of Old and Cold, leading to a spree of hits that are sometimes perfectly executed, sometimes messy, set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s beaches, bars, and murky darkened streets. told at breakneck speed in a bravura voice, this novel is Jim Nisbet’s finest work yet, reminiscent of Jim Thompson at his best and Tarantino at his most irreverent. a tough and tender love letter to a city’s underbelly, this is a shockingly funny tale of suspense that won’t let you go.


"An unheralded masterpiece of the noir genre. Everyone who loves Noir should read this brilliant book." — James Ellroy

"Nobody has Nisbet’s distinctive style, humor, and sheer craft … one of the finest masters of noir." — Ken Bruen

"Truly, hellishly gritty." — Los Angeles Times

"Readers should be prepared for a flashy intellectual entry in the new geezer noir subgenre, in which a sinister barkeep almost traps our antihero with an open tab." — Publishers Weekly

"A grim, fiercely written entry whose best feature is one baleful voice, one step from the grave." — Kirkus