On the Road: the Original Scroll

On the Road: the Original Scroll

(Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

Introduction by: Howard Cunnell
Introduction by: Penny Vlagopoulos
Introduction by: George Mouratidis
Introduction by: Joshua Kupetz

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780143105466
  • 416 Pages
  • Penguin Classics
  • 18 and up


The legendary 1951 scroll draft of On the Road, published as Kerouac originally composed it

IN THREE WEEKS in April of 1951, Jack Kerouac wrote his first full draft of On the Road—typed as a single-spaced paragraph on eight long sheets of tracing paper, which he later taped together to form a 120-foot scroll. A major literary event when it was published in Viking hardcover in 2007, this is the uncut version of an American classic—rougher, wilder, and more provocative than the official work that appeared, heavily edited, in 1957. This version, capturing a moment in creative history, represents the first full expression of Kerouac’s revolutionary aesthetic.

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On the Road: the Original Scroll

On the Road: the Original Scroll

Jack Kerouac, Introduction by: Howard Cunnell, Introduction by: Penny Vlagopoulos, Introduction by: George Mouratidis, Introduction by: Joshua Kupetz


“Life is great, and few can put the zest and wonder and sadness and humor of it on paper more interestingly than Kerouac.” —San Francisco Chronicle


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