Once Upon a Midnight Eerie

Once Upon a Midnight Eerie

Book #2

Written by: Gordon McAlpine
Illustrated by: Sam Zuppardi

Additional Formats
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780670784936
  • 192 Pages
  • Viking Books for Young Readers
  • 8-12 years


In The Tell-Tale Start, Edgar and Allan Poe (great-great-great-great-grandnephews of the legendary Edgar Allan Poe) managed to outwit the nefarious Professor P. Pangborn Perry, who was (and is) determined to kill just one of them, in order to prove a mad scientific theory. Now the boys are in New Orleans, about to play the young Poe in a feature film. But the role may cost them their lives, because now someone else wants them dead. But who? And can the twins—with the help of their co-stars, Em and Milly Dickinson, their ghostly forebear, and a pair of real ghosts—manage to outwit them?
“Entertaining and original. . . . Endlessly fun and ultimately very satisfying on every level.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review of The Tell-Tale Start audiobook
Gordon McAlpine (the-poes.net)
Once Upon a Midnight Eerie

Once Upon a Midnight Eerie

Written by: Gordon McAlpine, Illustrated by: Sam Zuppardi


Praise for Edgar & Allan Poe!

“The clever twins, together with some new characters (the Dickinson twin girls, Em and Milly), must foil the villainous plans and help uncover a long lost pirate treasure…intrigue as well as amusement as the clues unfold. Pen-and-ink drawings add to the quirky fun.”–School Library Journal
“The psychically linked twins lay a pair of New Orleans ghosts to rest while surviving a new threat to their lives in this…gumbo of jokes, codes, treasure, history, mystery and assorted literary references.”–Kirkus Reviews

“Once again the clever boys bring dastardly villains to justice while effortlessly outwitting every grown-up in sight. McAlpine uses New Orleans as a colorful backdrop for a tale of comedy and adventure.”–Booklist



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