Only A Shadow

Only A Shadow

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  • ISBN 9781101605714
  • 96 Pages
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The author of Daughter of the Sword takes readers to feudal Japan, where men and empires rise and fall by the sword…

The Tiger on the Mountain is a legendary blade, crafted by the master sword smith Inazuma, and reputed to possess magical powers. In 1442 Japan, the sword dwells inside the impregnable fortress of Hirata Nobushige, the enemy of the Iga clan.

Venerable shinobi Jujiro has recruited the brave young ninja Tada to steal the sword and restore power to the Iga clan. If Tada is successful, he’ll go from being the clan’s orphaned ward to a legend for the ages—and he’ll be able to ask for Old Jujiro’s granddaughter’s hand in marriage. If he fails, the clan will be annihilated.

Getting inside the castle is next to impossible—getting out is inconceivable. But as Tada prepares himself for one of the boldest thefts in history, the greatest obstacle he faces may just prove to be himself…

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"Steve Bein’s DAUGHTER OF THE SWORD is a strikingly original saga blending contemporary thriller and historical fantasy. Enthralling … A noir modern Tokyo overwhelmed by the shadows of Japanese history. The research is convincing, the touch light. A compelling multifaceted vision of a remarkable culture, and a great page-turner." — Stephen Baxter, author of STONE SPRING

Advance Praise for Daughter of the Sword

“[A] strikingly original saga blending contemporary thriller and historical fantasy…a great page-turner.” —Stephen Baxter, author of Stone Spring

“A tight read, lots of great tension, and epic stakes.” —Jay Lake, author of Green and Mainspring

“A sharp and superb urban fantasy…compelling…will have you staying up late to finish it.” —Diana Rowland, author of Sins of the Demon