Our Patchwork Nation

Our Patchwork Nation

The Surprising Truth About the “Real” America

Written by: Dante Chinni
Written by: James Gimpel Ph.D.

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  • ISBN 9781592406708
  • 336 Pages
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  • Adult


A provocative counterargument to the blue/red divide that illuminates our country’s multidimensional political spectrum.

In a climate of culture wars and economic uncertainty, the media have often reduced America to a simplistic schism between red and blue states. In response to that oversimplification, journalist Dante Chinni teamed up with political geographer James Gimpel, using on-the-ground reporting and statistical analysis to get past generalizations and probe American communities in depth.

Looking at the data, they recognized that the country breaks into twelve distinct types of communities, whose differences and specific concerns shed light on the subtle distinctions in how Americans vote, shop, and otherwise behave. Showcasing personal interviews, combined with facts and statistics, Our Patchwork Nation offers a brilliant new way to examine the issues that matter most to our communities, and to our nation.

Our Patchwork Nation

Our Patchwork Nation

Written by: Dante Chinni, Written by: James Gimpel Ph.D.


"Brings a fascinating insight into what makes Americans different these days." — The Miami Herald


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