Over My Dead Body

Over My Dead Body

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  • ISBN 9781101061404
  • 304 Pages
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Moving into Broken Heart seemed like the perfect transition for Simone Sweet and her young daughter, Glory. With her ex-husband gone after attempting to murder Simone, and Glory being mute since the incident, it is one place where she can feel safe, and almost forget she’s a ravenous vampire…

No one is without secrets, but Simone’s are big. She’d hate to have them interfere with what’s developing with local hunk Braddock Hayes. When not turning her legs to jelly, he’s building an Invisi-shield around Broken Heart and helping Glory speak again. But when Simone’s past resurfaces, it threatens to ruin her second chance…
Over My Dead Body

Over My Dead Body

Written by: Michele Bardsley


Dear Reader,

My name is Simone Sweet and I run the garage down on Main Street in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. I can repair just about anything … except my daughter. She hasn’t spoken a word in almost three years. Well, now. That’s neither here nor there. Some things—like the past—just can’t be fixed.

Did I mention I was a vampire? I suppose that’s important, but not exactly special. At least not in Broken Heart. Some of us are vampires, others are lycanthropes, and we got fairies and dragons, too. We have few humans, though most of ‘em are donors.

Except for Braddock Hayes. Now, there’s a neck I’d like to suck. Hoo-boy. I probably shouldn’t admit that, right? He’s a former member of Paranormal Research and Investigation Services. I know a military man when I see one, and he’s got that vibe big-time. Not to mention, he has a lot of techno-toys that might as well be stamped “Made in Area 51.”

He’s the kind of gorgeous you wanna eat with a spoon, and even though his gaze always hints at secrets, I can’t grudge him that. I have secrets, too. What I didn’t figure on was that my secret would stroll on into town and threaten everyone.

It’s complicated. So’s my relationship with Brady. Y’see, vampires can’t … um, enjoy relations without a 100-year commitment. Brady’s human, and I’m a bloodsucker for life. That what you call a roadblock, right there.

Then people start disappearing, and others turn up dead, and accusations start flying against me and mine. Suddenly, my love life isn’t the only thing that sucks. All I know is that Brady is just about the only person I can rely on to help me figure out what’s going on. All we have to do is trust each other. Yeah. No problem. You know what? Reality bites.

And so do I.

Simone Sweet