Own Your Game

Own Your Game

How to Use Your Mind to Play Winning Golf

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“The Pro Tour’s hottest coach” (Golf Digest) distills the lessons of a private strategy session into an indispensable “soft skills” companion. This enhanced e-book edition features 60 minutes of never-before-seen interviews with the founders of Stockton Golf in which they share stories of how their signature approach has helped some of the best players on the PGA Tour improve their game.
Credited with transforming the short games of world-class golfers like Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Annika Sorenstam, and Yani Tseng, Dave Stockton is one of the most sought-after coaches in golf. Yet Stockton’s natural abilities are more like the average player’s than those of most tour superstars. Not particularly long off the tee and average in terms of ballstriking, Stockton has won multiple major championships through a willingness to set his ego aside and analyze his game objectively—precisely what make him so effective as an instructor. The hallmark of Stockton’s coaching is the idea that “trying doesn’t work.” He shows students how to get out of their own way and let their subconscious take over.
In Own Your Game, Stockton recreates the experience of riding eighteen holes with him at one of his highly sought-after corporate outings. He explains how any player can learn to use his or her mind effectively—both in the microcosm of the shot at hand and in plotting a way through a round. Amateur golfers are tired of trying to imitate the swings of the pros—to mostly disastrous results. Stockton gives players the tools and the freedom to play better with the swing they currently have. Portable, conversational, practical—and complete with a mini-guide to playing business golf with colleagues and clients—Own Your Game shows how players at all levels can master the all-important mental game.
This enhanced e-book features 15 videos in which the author and his two sons and coaching partners, Ron and Dave Jr., discuss how this unique mental approach to golf has helped even pros like McIlroy and Mickelson improve their scores and have more fun on the course.


“The ’it’ instructor on the subject of putting.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“One of the best putters to ever golf”
— USA Today

“The putting doctor of the modern game.”
— NBC Sports

“Dave made putting simple for me again. After a coupled of days with [him], it didn’t take long to start seeing more putts go in. I’m grateful for Dave’s help, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy putting a lot more after you hear what he has to say.”
— Phil Mickelson

“Without Dave, I don’t know if I could have gone on this run, winning the US Open and reaching the top of the World Rankings.”
—Rory McIlroy