Parenting the QBQ Way

Parenting the QBQ Way

How to be an Outstanding Parent and Raise Great Kids Using the Power of Personal Accountability

Written by:
Written by: Karen G. Miller

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  • ISBN 9781101631157
  • 160 Pages
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How often have we heard complaints like these?

“Why don’t my kids do what I say?”
“Who made the mess in here?”
“When will my teen make better choices?”

These are the kinds of questions that parents ask that lead not only to complaining, but to victim thinking, procrastination, and blaming. The solution: Learn to parent the QBQ® way – and bring personal accountability to life within our families.

Based on the same concepts that have made John Miller’s signature work, QBQ: The Question Behind the Question, an international bestseller over the last decade, Parenting the QBQ Way provides the tool called the QBQ or The Question Behind the Question that will help every parent look behind questions such as “Why won’t my kids listen?” or “When will they do what I ask?” to find better ones—QBQs—like “What can I do differently?” or “How can I improve as a parent?” This simple but challenging concept turns the focus – and responsibility – back to parents and to what they can do to make a difference.

With thoughtful commentary, observation, and advice, illustrated with engaging and memorable anecdotes that are the hallmarks of John Miller’s previous books, Parenting the QBQ Way provides all moms and dads with the means and inspiration to be more effective parents – as well as teach their children how to practice their own brand of personal accountability – to create a happy, healthy family for a lifetime.  


When I first cracked open Parenting the QBQ Way I was expecting another good book on parenting. Instead what I found was a GREAT one! This book contains a powerful, paradigm-shifting philosophy that challenges parents to take responsibility for raising responsible kids. Too often we, as parents, relegate, delegate or abdicate this rare brand of personal responsibility. But in his excellent book John Miller helps us discover how to stop being victims and start being victors when it comes to parenting. This book has the gravitas to transform a couple’s parenting style and the real-life, practical truths to equip them to do it right away. As the President of an organization that deals with tens of thousands of teenagers every year I am convinced that parents need to learn how to take responsibility and teach their children to do the same. I whole-heartedly recommend this book to every parent!

– Greg Stiers, President, Dare 2 Share
As a father of three and a school district superintendent Parenting the QBQ Way is the most influential book I have read this year. I have shared Parenting the QBQ Way with my wife, school board members and our voluntary parent action teams. Parenting (the QBQ Way) is the key; to a successful school district, strong and harmonious marriage, and a productive and happy family. The more I apply the principles in this book the more my life is fulfilled as a school administrator, husband and father.

– Todd Cordrey, Superintendent, Rangely RE-4 School District, Colorado