Plan Bee

Plan Bee

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Hardest-Working Creatures on thePla net

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A guided tour inside the world of bees

Overtaxed and underrecognized-and now disappearing in alarming numbers- bees are the unsung heroes of the food chain, essential for the pollination of more than ninety of the crops we eat. The hardworking, humble, and matriarchal bee finally gets her due in this engaging and expertly written guide that will appeal to anyone who’s ever been curious about the mysterious and always-buzzing world of bees.

Beekeeper Susan Brackney explains:

• Why honeybees are disappearing-and what we can do about it
• Who’s who in the hive-the queen bee, the workers, and the drones
• Bees by the numbers-the number of bees per hive, the number of wing beats per second, and other fascinating facts
• Gardening tips to attract and support honeybees
• The beekeeper’s trade-the essential equipment and the latest tools, a day in the life, and more
• Honey, pollen, wax, royal jelly, mead, and other products of the sweet life
• The secrets behind making a bee beard (or bee bikini) with live bees

…and much more
Plan Bee

Plan Bee

Susan Brackney

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