Pocket Guide to the Outdoors

Pocket Guide to the Outdoors

Based on My Side of the Mountain

Written by:
Written by: Twig C. George
Written by: John George
Written by: T. Luke George

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780525421634
  • 144 Pages
  • Dutton Books for Young Readers
  • 8-12 years


Generations of readers have escaped into the woods with My Side of the Mountain, the story of a city boy named Sam who learns to live in the wild. Now, Newbery winner Jean Craighead George offers an easy-to-follow guide for fans who want to live the adventure?just like Sam. Learn how to start a fire, build a shelter, catch a fish, identify useful plants, and much more. Hands-on activities are perfect for backyard campers or an afternoon stroll through the park. Illustrated with black-and-white drawings and packed with activities, naturalist trivia, and practical wilderness tips, this entertaining and informative handbook is your guide to outdoor fun.
Pocket Guide to the Outdoors

Pocket Guide to the Outdoors

Written by: Jean Craighead George, Written by: Twig C. George, Written by: John George, Written by: T. Luke George