Price of Honor

Price of Honor

Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World

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In recent years, the expanding movement of militant Islam has changed the way millions think, behave, dress, and live, but nowhere has its impact been more powerfully felt than in its dramatic, often devastating effect on the lives of women. Award-winning journalist Jan Goodwin traveled through ten Islamic countries and interviewed hundreds of Muslim women, from professionals to peasants, from royalty to rebels.  The result is an unforgettable journey into a world where women are confined, isolated, even killed for the sake of a “code of honor” created and zealously enforced by men. 

Price of Honor brings to life a world in which women have become pawns in a bitter power game, and gives readers a provocative look inside Muslim society today.

Price of Honor

Price of Honor

Written by: Jan Goodwin


“Goodwin reminds us that the Koran nowhere supports the brutal treatment of women, and the educated women she quotes make this point clear…The author takes us on a tour of the Muslim world, finding horrors almost past belief.” —The New Yorker

Table of Contents

Price of HonorAcknowledgments

Chapter 1: Fundamentally Different?

Chapter 2: Muslims, the First Feminists

Chapter 3: Pakistan: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Chapter 4: Afghanistan: When You Can’t Beat the Donkey, Beat the Saddle

Chapter 5: Iran: There Is No Fun in Islam

Chapter 6: United Arab Emirates: The Playground of the Gulf

Chapter 7: Kuwait: A War of Independence

Chapter 8: Muslim Missionaries, American Converts

Chapter 9: Saudi Arabia: The Custodians of the Two Holiest Places

Chapter 10: Iraq: A Nation of Fear

Chapter 11: Jordan: When Islam Is the Solution

Chapter 12: Israeli-Occupied Territories: Next Year in Jerusalem

Chapter 13: Egypt: The Mother of the World

Chapter 14: Epilogue