Primal Bonds

Primal Bonds

A Shifters Unbound Novel

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101477465
  • 320 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Collared and controlled, Shifters are outcast from humanity. But waiting within are passions that no collar can contain in this novel in the New York Times bestselling Shifters Unbound series.
When a female Shifter comes to town seeking refuge, feline Shifter Sean Morrissey claims the new arrival, expecting a submissive little she-wolf. Instead, he finds a beautiful woman who looks him straight in the eye without fear, stirring the mating frenzy within him.
As a half-Fae, half-Shifter, Andrea Gray is used to looking out for herself. But in order to relocate to a new Shiftertown and escape an unwanted mate claim, Andrea must accept a new mate. A Guardian seems as good a candidate as any, but Andrea’s intense attraction to Sean is something she never expected—and a perilous complication for a woman with a troubled past.

From the Paperback edition.
Primal Bonds

Primal Bonds

Written by: Jennifer Ashley


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Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Primal Bonds and the world of Shifters.

Twenty years ago, shape-shifters (Feline, Lupine, Bear) were rounded up and made to live in “Shiftertowns.” They are forced to wear Collars—half Fae magic, half tech—designed to keep their violent tendencies at bay.

The Shifters are tamed now, Collared, safe…but are they? Humans think so, but Shifters know better…

Primal Bonds is the story of Sean Morrissey, Feline Shifter and Guardian of his Shiftertown—the man who sends Shifter souls to the afterlife.

When Andrea Gray, a half wolf-Shifter, seeks refuge in the Morrisseys’ Shiftertown, Sean agrees to claim her, sight-unseen, so the humans will allow the transfer. He never dreams that the challenging Andrea, with her gray eyes and fearless attitude, will be the woman that stirs the wild mating frenzy within him.

Humans have started shooting up Shifter places, forcing the Shifters to choose between fighting or protecting their families. Plus there are now rumblings from the Fae world—from the hated Fae who created Shifters long ago—and Andrea might just be the one attracting their attention.

Join me and the rest of the Morrissey clan and friends for action, love, humor, family, and those sexy Shifter men!

Look for Pride Mates, Liam’s story, re-released by Berkley Sensation in July 2011, and Wild Cat in Jan. 2012.

For more on the Shifters, see the Shifters Unbound website for excerpts, blurbs, “The Human’s Guide to Shifters,” and more. Visit my website and choose “Shifters Unbound” from the right-hand menu.


Jennifer Ashley

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