Prince's Fire

Prince’s Fire

The Hearts and Thrones Series

Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780451417848
  • 400  Pages
  • Signet
  • Adult


As the sister of the Kjallan emperor, Celeste cannot choose where to bestow her heart….

The imperial princess has been offered in marriage to the Prince of Inya as part of an alliance needed to ensure Kjall’s military prowess. And despite having been hurt in the past by men using her to gain power, Celeste finds herself falling for the passionate fire mage.

Prince Rayn has no intention of allying his country with the militaristic Kjallans. But his political enemies at home may be the greater threat. The princess’s beauty and intelligence catch him off guard, throwing an unexpected and dangerous hurdle in the way of his plans.

As a deadly political plot threatens Rayn’s life, the attraction between Celeste and Rayn ignites into a sizzling affair. But to save her people and herself, Celeste will have to discover if Rayn’s intentions are true or risk having her love burn her yet again….
Prince's Fire

Prince’s Fire

Amy Raby


Praise for the Hearts and Thrones series

“In a strong debut launching an Ancient Rome–inspired romantic fantasy series, Raby offers a captivating tale of an assassin who falls for her target….The main characters have excellent chemistry, meshing right from the start. In addition to a richly imagined world and a delightfully entertaining tale of magic and intrigue, Raby also delivers an understated yet versatile magical system.”—Publishers Weekly

“A great read.”—Dear Author

“An exquisite debut novel. The scope of the novel is…epic, as it roams through counties and territories, introducing us to dozens of strong and dynamic characters. The setting is beautiful, and the story line is one that will instantly attract readers searching for everything from a sizzling romance to a vast adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, and murder.”—Night Owl Reviews (top pick)

“Raby’s debut heralds the arrival of a terrific new fantasy romance voice….[Raby] has a gift for storytelling.”—RT Book Reviews

“There’s nothing quite as sexy as a woman who can be both assassin and lover….The hot tension between [Vitala] and Lucien will keep readers eagerly turning pages.”—Coffee Time Romance & More

“A great setting and protagonists worth rooting for.”—All About Romance


The Hearts and Thrones Series
Spy's Honor
Amy Raby



Quiz for Amy Raby’s Prince’s Fire

How well do you know the Hearts and Thrones series? Answer these ten questions and find out!

1. Why was Vitala not accepted by her Riorcan family?

  • She wanted to marry a Kjallan
  • She had black hair
  • She was training to be an assassin

2. What sort of unusual magic does Vitala possess?

  • Healing
  • War magic
  • Wardbreaking

3. What is one reason for the conflict between Emperor Florian and his son Lucien?

  • Lucien had failed to become a war mage
  • Lucien was obsessed with the game Caturanga
  • Lucien refused to kill a prisoner of war

4. How did Lucien lose his leg?

  • Assassins
  • Military conflict
  • Childhood accident

5. What relation is Rhianne to Lucien?

  • Sister
  • Cousin
  • Aunt

6. Why does Rhianne routinely sneak out of the palace?

  • To meet lovers
  • To rescue stray dogs
  • To bring money to a retired soldier

7. What sort of animal is Janto’s familiar?

  • Brindlecat
  • Owl
  • Ferret

8. Where does Janto first meet Rhianne?

  • Imperial Garden
  • Hypocaust
  • The streets of Riat

9. How does Vitala know Ista?

  • They were in love with the same man
  • They were both assassins in the Obsidian Circle
  • They were educated at the same Kjallan palaestra

10. Who is Celeste?

  • An assassin
  • Vitala’s mother
  • Lucien’s younger sister


  1. Vitala was not accepted by her Riorcan family because she had black hair, a sure sign that she was fathered by a Kjallan.
  2. Vitala is a wardbreaker.
  3. One reason for the conflict between Emperor Florian and his son Lucien was that Lucien was obsessed with the game Caturanga, which Florian believed to be frivolous.
  4. Lucien lost his leg to an attack by assassins.
  5. Rhianne is Lucien’s cousin—specifically, she’s a daughter of his father’s sister.
  6. Rhianne routinely sneaks out of the palace to deliver money to a retired soldier who had been unfairly denied his pension.
  7. Janto’s familiar is a ferret.
  8. Janto first meets Rhianne in the Imperial Garden.
  9. Vitala knows Ista from the Obsidian Circle, where they were both assassins.
  10. Celeste is Lucien’s younger sister and the central character of Prince’s Fire.

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