R Is For Ricochet

R Is For Ricochet

  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101147030
  • 384 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


The perfect new package for Sue Grafton’s #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Reba Lafferty was a daughter of privilege whose adoring father quietly handled her many scrapes with the law-but he wasn’t there when she was convicted of embezzlement and sent to the California Institute for Women. Now she’s about to be paroled, and her father wants to make sure she stays on the straight and narrow.

It seems like an easy assignment for Kinsey Millhone: babysit Reba while she readjusts to freedom. The young woman is willing to cooperate-and the money is good. But Reba is out of prison less than twenty-four hours when one of her old crowd comes circling around.

R Is For Ricochet

R Is For Ricochet

Sue Grafton


“Grafton’s alphabet thrillers just keep getting better.” —USA Today

“Should a contest be held to name the most credible private eye in mystery fiction, Kinsey Millhone would certainly rank at or near the top. The central figure in Sue Grafton’s long-running series conveys a verisimilitude, in both her professional and private lives, that makes most of her competitors seem like cartoons.” —The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Grafton, as usual, creates believable and enduring characters and a strong sense of place in her town of Santa Teresa circa 1987.” —Publishers Weekly

“Sue Grafton is brillant. We’d follow Kinsey Millhone anywhere.” —Newsday

“A tale of love gone right and wrong and every which way in between. R is for Ricochet will have fans purring contentedly.” —Kirkus Review

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