Rangers at Dieppe

Rangers at Dieppe

The First Combat Action of U.S. Army Rangers in World War II

Written by: Jim Defelice

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After Pearl Harbor, the United States was struggling to bring itself up to fighting strength for World War II when a specially-trained force-based upon the famed British commando squads-was formed. It would become known as the Rangers.

Before their training was complete, the Rangers were thrust into battle, taking part in an assault on the German-held French port of Dieppe. Plagued by politics and inter-service rivalry, the raid would become one of the greatest debacles of the war. Allied losses included several Rangers killed or wounded-the first American blood spilled on European soil in the war.

Here, drawn from historical records and personal recollections by those who were there, and illustrated with photographs, is the story of the baptism of fire of what would become the U.S. Army Rangers.


“A remarkable saga of heroism under fire…this is military history at its best.”
-Colonel Cole C. Kingseed, co-author of Beyond Band Of Brothers

“An up-to-date, clearly written, comprehensively researched account of the formation and training of the American Rangers.”

“Carefully researched and vividly told.”
-Publishers Weekly