Reading the Man

Reading the Man

A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters

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To most , Robert E. Lee is a beloved tragic figure of a bygone war—remembered by history as stoic and brave but without a true emotional life. Recently, however, historian Elizabeth Brown Pryor uncovered important documents that provide a stunning personal account of Lee’s military ability, his beliefs, and his time. Using dozens of previously unpublished letters as departure points, Pryor sheds new light on every aspect of this complex and contradictory general and questions our own understanding of loyalty and patriotism. This tantalizing glimpse of a legendary hero’s guarded soul will astonish and fascinate not only Civil War buffs, but anyone interested in this nation’s history.
Reading the Man

Reading the Man

Elizabeth Brown Pryor


Jefferson Davis Book Award – Winner
Richard B. Harwell Award – Winner
Lincoln Prize – Winner
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