Reagan's America

Reagan’s America

Innocents at Home

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140296075
  • 592 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


Ronald Reagan achieved magical accord with the American people, attuning them to his moral vision of a nation made up of optimistic individualists, tough yet God-fearing, blessed with a special destiny. In Reagan’s America, Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian Garry Wills seeks to understand Reagan’s appeal through understanding his audience, the Americans who found in him everything they wanted to believe about themselves. An authoritative biography and a fascinating cultural history, Reagan’s America reveals how this savvy, charismatic leader restored a nation’s fading sense of innocence and faith in itself.

Table of Contents

Reagan’s America – Garry Wills Introduction
Part One: Huck Finn’s World
Chapter 1: Jack
Chapter 2: Nelle
Chapter 3: Lifeguard
Chapter 4: Eureka
Chapter 5: Strike
Part Two: Pap Finn’s World
Chapter 6: Depression
Chapter 7: Gabriel
Chapter 8: G-Men
Chapter 9: “Govment”
Chapter 10: Individualism
Part Three: Radio
Chapter 11: Davenport
Chapter 12: Des Moines
Chapter 13: Journalist
Chapter 14: Sports
Chapter 15: Announcer
Part Four: Movies
Chapter 16: The Charlie Skid
Chapter 17: Chastity Symbols
Chapter 18: War Movies
Chapter 19: Could He Act?
Chapter 20: Costarring
Chapter 21: Being Up
Chapter 22: Hollywood on the Potomac
Part Five: Union Man
Chapter 23: SAG: Actors and the New Deal
Chapter 24: IATSE: Controlling Exhibitors
Chapter 25: CSU: Hot Sets
Chapter 26: HICCASP: G-Men II
Chapter 27: MPIC: Rituals of Clearance
Part Six: Company Man
Chapter 28: MCA: The Deal
Chapter 29: MCA: The Investigation
Chapter 30: GE: The Speech
Chapter 31: BASICO: Behavior Engineering
Chapter 32: Citizen Governor
Chapter 33: Government Man
Chapter 34: Unique Selling Intelligence
Part Seven: State of Grace
Chapter 35: The Sears Interregnum
Chapter 36: War Movies II
Chapter 37: Home Base
Chapter 38: Silver Bullet
Chapter 39: Reaganomics
Chapter 40: Greenfield Village on the Potomac
Chapter 41: Original Sinlessness