River of Dreams

River of Dreams

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  • ISBN 9781101595183
  • 384 Pages
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New York Times bestselling author Lynn Kurland returns to her enchanting Nine Kingdoms saga as the epic adventure of a weaver and an elven prince continues…

Aisling of Bruadair is frantic to find both the truth about her future and a mercenary to save her country. When an offer of aid comes from an unexpected direction, she is relieved her quest is almost complete. But she soon realizes her task is far from over . . . and will include perils she never dreamed she would ever face.

Rùnach of Ceangail has offered to help Aisling with her quest, then he fully intends to take up his life as a simple swordsman far from magic and evil mages. Unfortunately, a chance finding of a book of indecipherable spells tells him that an ordinary life is never going to be his–especially when he realizes that the book he has in his hands belongs to a black mage who will stop at nothing to have it back.

With time running out, Rùnach and Aisling must solve what seem to be unrelated mysteries before others find those answers first and plunge the Nine Kingdoms into a darkness it will never recover from  . . .

From the Trade Paperback edition.
River of Dreams

River of Dreams

Written by: Lynn Kurland


Praise for the Novels of the Nine Kingdoms

“Fascinating…[An] enchanting narrative.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Beautifully written.”—Romance Reviews Today

“Lynn Kurland spins another fabulous fantasy.”—Genre Go Round Reviews

“Kurland deftly mixes innocent romance with adventure in a tale that will leave readers eager for the next installment.”—Publishers Weekly

“This is a terrific romantic fantasy.”—Midwest Book Review

“A superbly crafted, sweetly romantic tale of adventure and magic.”—Booklist


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

I love books. I love the feel of a good paperback in my hand. I love big coffee-table books with glossy pictures. The thought of an afternoon spent trolling through bookstores or libraries is like contemplating a quick but thoroughly satisfying vacation. But what really gets me going is the thought of old, musty, obscure books. Is there a less-visited section of a library where I can peer at dusty tomes on the bottom shelf and maybe find an overlooked gem? Maybe a used bookstore in a sleepy little port town where I can find old copies of turn-of-the-century books on Scottish history? Bliss!

I think this is why I’m so fond of the two main characters in River of Dreams. Aisling and Rùnach have both spent their share of time chasing after books in various places, but they now find themselves in the most famous library in all the Nine Kingdoms. It’s probably fairly safe to say that they hadn’t anticipated being prevented from looking for what they came for by an angry librarian backed up by soldiers with very sharp swords, but sometimes the unexpected happens. They do manage to get at least something out of the trip—a rare tome they hadn’t been looking for—as well as acquiring a few things they hadn’t intended to.

I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes things aren’t as they seem and part of the adventure is enjoying where clues lead you. Or it could just be be careful in libraries. I’d love to hear which you think it is after the last page of the book!

Happy reading!