Robert B. Parker's Blind Spot

Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot

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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780399169458
  • 352 Pages
  • G.P. Putnam’s Sons
  • Adult


“Coleman keeps the characters and the somber atmosphere but makes the book his own stylistically.” –Booklist

Police Chief Jesse Stone is back in the remarkable new installment of the New York Times–bestselling series.
It’s been a long time since Jesse Stone left L.A., and still longer since the tragic injury that ruined his chances for a major league baseball career. When Jesse is invited to a reunion of his old Triple-A team at a hip New York city hotel, he is forced to grapple with his memories and regrets over what might have been.

Jesse left more behind him than unresolved feelings about the play that ended his baseball career. The darkly sensuous Kayla, his former girlfriend and current wife of an old teammate is there in New York, too. As is Kayla’s friend, Dee, an otherworldly beauty with secret regrets of her own. But Jesse’s time at the reunion is cut short when, in Paradise, a young woman is found murdered and her boyfriend, a son of one of the town’s most prominent families, is missing and presumed kidnapped.

Though seemingly coincidental, there is a connection between the reunion and the crimes back in Paradise. As Jesse, Molly, and Suit hunt for the killer and for the missing son, it becomes clear that one of Jesse’s old teammates is intimately involved in the crimes. That there are deadly forces working below the surface and just beyond the edge of their vision. Sometimes, that’s where the danger comes from, and where real evil lurks. Not out in the light—but in your blind spot.      
Robert B. Parker's Blind Spot

Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot

Reed Farrel Coleman


Praise for ROBERT B. PARKER’S BLINDSPOT by Reed Farrel Coleman

“Fans of both Parker’s Spenser and Jesse Stone series will enjoy this 13th installment… Like Spenser, Jesse is a man of honor who deels he must speak for the dead.  Coleman’s writing mimics Parker’s, with short chapters, snappy repartee, and just enough action… It is a great, fast beach read, recommended for all detective fiction fans.” — Library Journal

“Coleman keeps the characters and the somber atmosphere but makes the book his own stylistically.” —Booklist

“Reed has saved Jesse Stone by embracing the character, not by imitating Parker’s writing style. He’s done it by making Stone his own. He has fleshed out Stone’s world, and his inner life, in so many ways. His first smart move was making the crime story personal, one that goes to the root of Stone’s character, and that allows Reed to reboot the series, to reintroduce the character, his past, and his relationships and tweak them a bit along the way….Blind Spot is a cause for celebration.”
—   Lee Goldberg, New York Times-bestselling author with Janet Evanovich of The Chase

“Coleman, best known for his Moe Prager series . . . successfully emulates the tone and style of the late Robert B. Parker’s nine Jesse Stone novels.” — Publishers Weekly 

Praise for the Jesse Stone series
“As in every Parker novel, the great attraction is the writing. The author’s wry wit and clear, muscular prose go down so easily that his books seem to be not so much read as inhaled.” —Associated Press
“Stone, who continues to struggle with his drinking and his obsession with his manipulative ex-wife, is the most engaging of Parker’s post-Spenser contemporary protagonists. . . . …The dialogue is spot-on and the professional chemistry between Stone and his small force is its own reason to read the series.” —Booklist