Royal Airs

Royal Airs

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780425261712
  • 400 Pages
  • Ace
  • Adult


 Master storyteller Sharon Shinn created the thrilling and enchanting world of Welce in her acclaimed novel Troubled Waters. Return with her to that elemental universe in this tale of secrecy, romance, and a battle for power…
Josetta is a princess of one of the Five Families. But she is far from the throne, so she is free to spend her days working in the poorest sections of the city.
Rafe Adova, an outcast since he was born, lives the life of a career gambler in those slums. He has no ambition other than cheating at the card tables—until the night he decides to help a girl named Corene, who looks like she’s stumbled into the wrong bar.
She, too, is a princess—sister to Josetta, who finds her with Rafe. He fascinates her. Josetta has never encountered anyone like him—someone seemingly devoid of elemental blessings.
He is drawn to her, though he thinks they are unlikely to ever meet again—but their connection grows strong when she nurses him back to health after he is assaulted by foreign mercenaries. And when they learn the reason he’s being hunted, they know that the truth about his history could endanger not only their love but also their very lives…


 Praise for Troubled Waters

“Carries readers away into a vivid new fantasy world . . . entertaining and suspenseful . . . full of lively characters . . . The intriguing new system of magic and politics provides plenty of potential for sequels.”—Publishers Weekly

“Filled with vivid details of everyday life, a strong and admirable heroine, and a plot with as many twists and turns as the mighty river that threads through the story, Shinn’s latest novel should appeal to her avid readership and to lovers of the genre. Highly recommended.”–—Library Journal (starred review)

“Will be enjoyed by readers who like stories with hints of western European aristocracy and elemental magic, with a happy ending.”—Booklist

“A lush new world peopled with fascinating characters . . . Shinn once again demonstrates her considerable facility for creating a richly developed world peopled with intriguing characters blessed with remarkable powers.”—Night Owl Reviews

“Character-driven fiction with fantastical and romantic elements. Shinn has created a world that is completely believable and magical at the same time.”—Fantasy Literature

“A great opening political fantasy that is filled with a strong cast, wonderful refreshing laws of magic, and court intrigue . . . Shinn affirms what her fans already knew from the Twelve Houses saga: that the author is one of the best fantasists.”—Alternative Worlds


An Elemental Blessings Novel
Sharon Shinn
Sharon Shinn



My new book Royal Airs, like Troubled Waters before it, takes place in the world of Welce, where everyone is born with an affiliation for one of the elements of air, water, earth, fire, or wood. The five elements correspond with physical realms as well—water correlates with blood, air with spirit, earth with flesh, wood with bone, and fire with mind. These elemental affiliations tend to shape people’s personalities and have some bearing on the life choices they make.

For instance, a man who is coru—ruled by blood and water—is often impetuous, fluid, and quick to change course. He might take a job as a sailor or a surgeon. A woman who is elay, a creature of air and spirit, might be ethereal, dreamy, and often lost in thought. She’s likely to be a reformer, a crusader, or a visionary.

Royal Airs takes place five years after the tumultuous events that capped the story of Troubled Waters. In particular, it follows Princess Josetta, who had been considered the leading heir for the throne until several of the old king’s secrets were revealed. Since she’s no longer directly in line for the crown, she’s trying to figure out what to do with her life. She’d always been diffident and uneasy at court, and now she wants to live a life that’s filled with meaning and true to her elay heritage. So she’s moved to the slums to open a homeless shelter that provides a haven for people who are desperate and abandoned. And she won’t be dissuaded from following her passion, even when the regent wants her to give up the shelter. Even when she falls in love with an intriguing stranger named Rafe who appears to have no elemental affiliations at all.

It was fun to build characters around the five elements and find ways to make them share certain traits will still retaining distinct personalities. Royal Airs features two major elay characters and one minor one, but they’re radically different from each other. Josetta is quiet, focused, tolerant, and kind; she draws strength from the idea that she is doing good in the world. By contrast, the powerful, aging queen Elidon is elay in a way that “hardly shows,” as someone else comments. She’s not particularly spiritual or ethereal, but she isa visionary. Like a great athlete, she can see the whole playing field and determine which moves will result in the outcome she wants; she’s a master strategist who never takes her eyes off the prize.

But my favorite elay character to write about is Kayle Dochenza. He appears briefly in Troubled Waters as head of the Dochenza clan, but he’s mostly known as a sort of mad inventor. Welce is on the cusp of industrialization, and Kayle is leading the charge. He’s built the first “elaymotives”—automobile prototypes that run on the airy element of natural gas—and now he’s experimenting with flying machines. He’s contrary, peculiar, and perpetually distracted, until something catches his wayward attention and he becomes uncomfortably focused. Kayle’s the first one who suspects Rafe’s true identity and he is instrumental in changing Rafe’s life. Which helps turn Josetta’s life in a wholly unexpected direction…

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