Saint Augustine's Conversion

Saint Augustine’s Conversion

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  • ISBN 9780670033522
  • 144 Pages
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As relevant today as it was when it was originally written sixteen hundred years ago, Augustine’s Confessiones continues to influence contemporary religion, language, and thought. Reading with fresh, keen eyes, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Garry Wills has brought his superb gifts of analysis and insight to bear on this classic of Western tradition in a series of ambitious and critically acclaimed translations and interpretations. In Saint Augustine’s Conversion, Augustine’s story draws to its dramatic conclusion in what Wills calls the “hinge” chapter of the bishop’s confessional opus. With an illuminating introduction and extensive notes throughout, Wills provides a richly rewarding and inventive interpretation of Augustine’s seminal work for a new generation of readers.

Table of Contents

Saint Augustine’s ConversionKey to Brief Citations

Part I. Introduction
1. The Book of Conversions
2. The Myth of Monnica
3. The Myth of Ambrose
4. The Myth of Suddenness: Wiliam James
5. The Myth of Suddenness: Paul
6. The Myth of Suddenness: Augustine
7. THe Garden

Part II. The Testimony, Book Eight
Searching For Help
First Conversion Story: Victorinus
Second Conversion Story: Sergius Paul
Back to Victorinus
Four More Converts: Pontician’s Friends and Their Wives
The Garden
Seventh Conversion Story: Anthony
Eighth Conversion Story: Augustine

Part III. Commentary