How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer

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The ultimate guide to customer satisfaction, from the people who understand it better than anyone

For nearly forty years, J. D. Power and Associates has been synonymous with measuring customer satisfaction and helping businesses understand what customers really want. Now two of the company?s senior executives, Chris Denove and James D. Power IV, unlock the vault on decades of closely guarded research data?and insights previously available only to the firm?s clients.

This is the first book that really explains how great companies like Lexus, UPS, JetBlue, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car get it right, delivering consistently high customer satisfaction and translating it into profitable growth. It will teach you, for instance, how to:
? Understand the financial link between satisfaction and profits
? Turn customers who are simply ?satisfied? into vocal advocates
? Empower frontline employees to do the right thing
? Use problem resolution as an opportunity to make new fans

Satisfaction offers advice for companies large or small, for product manufacturers, service providers, and retailers alike. It delivers not just a stockpile of customer research, but a road map to developing specific policies and processes. It also tells fascinating stories of companies that don?t just talk the talk, but walk the walk every day?and of other companies that ignored the voice of the customer, with dire consequences.


If you can find a better book on customer satisfaction, buy it. (Lee Iacocca)

It always seemed that J. D. Power and Associates wrote the book on customer satisfaction. Now they have, and the business community should be thankful for it. (Horst H. Schulze, founding president and COO, Ritz-Carlton Hotels)

In Satisfaction, the customerÆs experience is broken down into bite-sized, logical components that managers can use to develop practical business strategies. A truly valuable book. (Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager and Customer Mania!)

The folks at J.D. Power and Associates wrote the book on [customer satisfaction] and now theyÆve written the Æbible.Æ Satisfaction is an important book, and a good read, too. (Paul Ingrassia, president, Dow Jones Newswires)