Saving Grace

Saving Grace

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  • ISBN 9780425267288
  • 368  Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


This is why I have had to come back now, traveling these dusty old back roads one more time. For I mean to tell my story, and I mean to tell the truth. I am a believer in the Word, and I am not going to flinch from telling it, not even the terrible things…
Florida Grace Shepherd, eleventh child of the itinerant, snake-handling Reverend Virgil Shepherd, grew up traveling across the Appalachian South. In her heart, she raged against the constant hardships that her parents insisted were part of the Lord’s plan. As she got older, she learned of her father’s “backsliding” with other women, and watched as it drove her mother to an early grave.
Returning to Scrabble Creek, where her happiest memories took place, Grace recounts the harrowing journey of her life with the Lord, from her travels with her father to the day she finally broke free of him only to marry another preacher much older than she, as well as her own stumbles along the rocky and winding path to her own redemption.
Saving Grace

Saving Grace

Lee Smith


Praise for SAVING GRACE:

"Evocative…Lyric, poetic and subtly cosmic…her best yet." –San Francisco Chronicle

"Lucid in execution, breathtaking in scope and hear-rending in effect–a redemptive work of art." –The Washington Post Book World

"A Compelling journey into all matters southern and spiritual." –The Boston Sunday Globe

"Smith is peerless at evoking an entire world with a detail or two…The comedy is rich, and the sense of place is intense." –Detroit Free Press 


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